Saturday, 13 November 2010

Warm Happiness

We went up north to the Moray coast during the October week, and I took a few crafting supplies with me, in case of inclement weather ;-)  And we definitely had our fair share of that, but I only really got round to crafting on one day, when I sent hubby and girls off to the Macduff Marine Aquarium and I stayed behind with the dog (who did a lot of sleeping that day, thankfully!).  I took Papertrey Ink's stamp set "Warm Happiness" with me, a few background stamp sets, a pad of patterned paper and some coordinating ink and cardstock.  And with my limited supplies, I created a few cards:

There was one more, but that found a new owner at the craft fair last weekend, and I also made a bookmark (because I needed one and I had all the supplies there!) which I've not photographed yet.  I really like this stamp set, although I haven't really used it all that much, but this is a start :)

Despite the weather, we had a good time during our holiday, and for the kids, the highlight probably was eldest daughter's birthday treat: a visit to the Landmark Centre at Carrbridge.  Great place, lots of fun, even in the cold and rain!  And because it was eldest daughter's birthday, I let her talk me into doing the higher of the two obstacle courses with her... Me in a harness, balancing across ropes, swinging logs, clambering along suspended car tyres, the works!  And I'm not great with heights.  But I managed it and felt pretty good about myself afterwards :)  And eldest daughter was pleased that she got to do one of her favourite activities with her old mother ;-)

Wow, I feel like I've been quite productive - must get back to actually making more cards now, seeing I'm going to have a stall at the school's Christmas fair in a couple of weeks' time.  Just glad that I have my mum's scarf out of the way - it has made its way across to Germany and was very well received :)

Thanks for stopping by and "listening" to me jabbering on, have a great weekend!


  1. Wow...good for you! I don't think I can ever do the balancing ropes. I also have a problem with heights and I can see that triggering vertigo;)

    Love the cards Anne. Different cards but they could be a set! Nice job using the same image. OHHHH! That could be a good challenge;)

  2. fabulous cards and with limited supplies too, they are gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed your break, my kids used to love Landmark, our first year we had a season pass as they were always asking to go, never got me on those rope walks though! you are very brave! hugs Debx

  3. gorgeous cards!! just had to comment on them :) :)

  4. Great cards you've been doing for the craft fair....Oh what a fun memory to keep & share about your vacation with the family!


  5. Hi Anne, your cards are lovely. Isn't it nice when you can pack some of your hobby with you when you go away!

    Just going to have a little wander around your gorgeous blog.

    take care,