Monday, 27 September 2010

Must Try Harder

Me, that is.  I'm completely out of the blogging groove.  I have a number of blogs which I look at regularly, but never seem to find the time to leave comments, and I find even less time to update my own blog  :(  Don't know when I last joined a challenge!  So I'm resolving once again to change all that!  I AM making stuff, you know!

For example, it was my FIL's 80th birthday at the beginning of the month, and I made not one, but two cards for this occasion.

The larger card is all Stampin' Up! while the little one also uses some PTI stamps.  I like that you can use "New Year's Celebration" for other celebrations, too.  You probably can't see very well on this picture, but the background is stamped with the champagne bottle from this set.

And then there is this tiny little blanket that I made on middle daughter's request for her Build-A-Bear bunny, so that the bunny has her own little bed in middle daughter's bed :)

I have also started making some Christmas cards, but have not been able to photograph them yet (and now the weather has turned horribly grey!), my granny square blanket is currently on hold while I'm knitting a scarf for my mum's birthday next month, and I've finally found the cushion cover that has been in progress for an awfully long time, which eldest daughter has been asking for over and over again.  I was very happy to discover that I am much further along than I thought I was.  Only one more round and then joining of front and back - yay!!  I will post pictures of all these projects very soon, once I've got some decent light to photograph them in!
Hmmm, I'm starting to see why there may be a lack of time for blogging...  But thanks for stopping by, hope to be back soon!