Monday, 29 November 2010

Change from the usual programme

I'm afraid I haven't got any new cards to share today, but I thought I'd let you all see our unusual and pretty extreme weather:
This was Sunday afternoon, after it had been snowing on Friday night and then again on Saturday.

Our back garden yesterday, it's got an extra few inches on top of all the snow today!

Dog after his walk yesterday, we had to stick him in a lukewarm bath to melt all these snowballs off!! :)

This is earlier on today, it looks beautiful, but boy is there a lot of snow, and nobody knows when our street will be cleared. A lot of the neighbours have been shoveling not just their drives but parts of the road, too, but a proper snow plough would be much appreciated.

I hope you are experiencing kinder weather where you are, but if not: keep warm!  Mind you, my girls are ecstatic: school was closed today and will be closed again tomorrow!  That just never happens!


  1. You guys are lucky ducks!! No school! The pictures of the houses and trees look lovely! We wouldn't mind a school day off;)

    Poor poochie. That happens with Sydney. As soon as she comes in she is licking her paws.

  2. LOL it looks so pretty and clean.....loved all the snowy pictures! Enjoy it while you got it!


  3. Ooh it looks cold , sorry I loved the poor dog photo .