Saturday, 22 December 2007

Have a merry Christmas, everyone, and a happy New Year! Off to Germany tomorrow - see you in 2008!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Candy Stripes

Quick post only: I've made my card for Saffa's candy stripe dare over at DCM, and the birdies are just not leaving me alone, lol! But these are the last ones I've cut, so I should be able to move on...

I've used my beloved BG Color Me Silly papers again - the colours are just so bright and fun, just what I'm in the mood for right now after all the Christmassy colours. I'm not sure about my doodling efforts, but there it is now, it can't be changed.

Now I'm away to sit, knit doll's clothes and nurse my cold - youngest daughter is away to her friend's for lunch, so I've got the afternoon free until school comes out. Bliss! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

And another one...

I couldn't resist the birdies, so I've done another one. Everything on the card is hand-drawn and cut and it's based on a little felt heart that I made back in the spring (inspired by Shimelle). So, first the card, and second the heart that inspired it (apologies for the poor picture).

The poor little felt heart is looking a bit worn - it spent all summer on the bag that I carried around. Might have to make a new one for next year. As for the card, I really enjoyed working with bright, non-Christmassy colours, and I'm pleased with the result. Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Not sure if this card qualifies for the little extra over at DCM - it's only got buttons, but no bows...

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Tweet Tweet

It seems I can't stay away - caught the blogging bug again! However, I have a poorly husband at home and my youngest brought a friend home for lunch today, so I'll have to keep this short. Here's my first effort for the birdie challenge over at DCM - I hadn't used my dove on my Christmas cards yet this year, so this was a good opportunity.

I've also used my Cuttlebug embossing folder, Sizzlits round-a-bout alphabet dies and a couple of brads from my stash. However, I'm not entirely thrilled with the result. So the blogging bug is back, but crafty inspiration is still recovering :) Oh well, I'm planning on doing another one anyway... Hoping to be back later today, see you then.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Oh well...

... seems like I'm back after all :) Just had to put the previous post on, and things have calmed down a little bit. I have decided not to run myself ragged with the nursery Christmas Fair, so am feeling kind of relieved!
The craft fair on Saturday wasn't a huge success for me. It was busy for the first hour or so and then it suddenly tailed off. My friend sold quite a few cards (and rightly so, her stuff is gorgeous!), but while I'm happy for her, I'm starting to doubt myself. I think, if I'm doing fairs again next year, I'll probably have to branch out a bit. We'll see... On the plus side, I don't have to make any more Christmas cards to give and send (apart from special ones), since I've got so much stock left, lol! I'll take a photo of some of my favourites and post it tomorrow. I'm also very tempted by the latest DCM challenge, the birdie cards are lovely! Good night for now!


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