Thursday, 3 May 2012

Some Woolly Goodness

Even though we're now into May, we're still in need of little woolly warmers on the way to school in the morning. It may not be the full hat-scarf-gloves combo anymore, but I have been appreciating my little cowl:

And youngest daughter has been grateful for her headband, which also keeps her ears warm ;-)

These were both made with Cascade wool I received in my swap last year from the lovely Amy - glad I finally got to make something with it, even if we're supposed to be well into spring...  Scottish weather, cannae beat it!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Forrays into Jewellery Making

A wee while ago, I was bitten by the bracelet bug :)  Could not stop making bracelets, I think all the girls' friends received bracelets as Christmas presents!  When I found that Shamballa-style bracelets were made with a macramee knot I had learned in the 70's, I was delighted and churned out one friendship bracelet after the other, with the waxed cord I'd bought on a whim some time ago. On my birthday, I treated myself to a few nice, big glass beads and made this:

And then I bought a few sparkly, disco-ball beads, and made this:

The beads are lovely and sparkly, and eldest daughter has already borrowed this bracelet to wear to school, which, considering she is a teenager, is praise indeed :) I've had to order more beads, so the girls can all have their own bracelet...

Finally, a bracelet made not by me, but by youngest daughter (age 7), for her best friend's birthday:

She chose the beads, the colours, and made it all by herself (I just helped with the sliding knot closure) - I was very impressed!! :)

So much for today, a different craft coming next time.  Thanks for looking!