Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Best laid plans and all that...

I had the best intentions, as usual, to post more regularly... In my defence, things are slightly topsy-turvy here at the moment! ;-)  Eldest daughter is in S4 at high school and currently sitting the new National 5 exams. This means that her schedule is rather erratic - some days she is in school actually sitting exams, some days she's in school for an immersion day (intensive revision) and yet other days she's at home, (supposedly) revising.  Add to that the spring Bank Holiday weekend with two days off for the other two, a podiatrist appointment in town for yours truly, frequent trips to the gym - and what little routine I have during the week went completely out of the window!

This also means that I have only got one PAD contribution (for both Day 4 - Us and Day 5 - 4pm) to share for the whole week - tut tut! On Monday, hubby and I went on a wee excursion to Falkirk, to look at The Kelpies - recently unveiled, huge sculptures of horses' heads. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but I was fairly impressed in the end!  The size of the sculptures is rather awe-inspiring, and I think they look quite attractive, too :)

As regards my marathon journey, today marks the official start date of my 20-week training programme. However, instead of lacing up my running shoes and pounding the pavement for 4 miles, I have been to the gym again, following my recovery programme. It is a little frustrating, but recovery and healing is what I need to focus on just now.  There is light at the end of the tunnel: the podiatrist, who I saw last week, fitted me with orthotic insoles and said I should try short warm-up running exercises and maybe a very short and gentle run.  So far, I haven't dared, for fear of making things worse, but I will give it a go tomorrow morning.  Fingers crossed!!
Also, you might be glad to hear that the foam roller and I haven't completely fallen out but are in the process of making up ;-) Things are getting ever so slightly easier and ever so slightly less painful :)  Baby steps, people, baby steps!

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