Friday, 2 May 2014

Back already!

Just in case you missed me ;-) Today's prompt for FMS Photo-A-Day is "Snack":

Cashews have always been a favourite of mine, and I'm trying to opt for nuts and fruit more and more in an effort to improve my diet.  Another journey, on which I had come quite far until last autumn, and then started walking backwards. Right now, I think it's a case of three steps forward, two steps back...

There's nothing much to tell regarding my main journey, my marathon journey, only that my new best friend, the foam roller, and I are going to fall out very soon, of that I'm sure! He's no friend - he is pure torture! I had no idea how sore parts of me could feel under his pressure, parts that I'm normally not aware of at all. Rolling up and down the side of my thigh, wincing, and eldest  daughter declares me crazy, because I am willingly putting myself through this. I can only hope that the old saying of "No pain no gain" will hold true...

On a totally unrelated note, here's some crochet spring prettiness :)

The wee mandala was made following Barbara's pattern hereI've always thought it's really pretty and finally got round to making my own one.  Looks nice under the vase of tulips, too!

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  1. Fabulous crochet, love the pretty colours in there and lovely pattern! Good luck with the exercise, it will get easier in time!