Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Layout!

I have had this layout nearly finished for the longest time, really just needed to stick everything down and add a few little accents.

This is the "official" photograph of me finishing the Great Scottish Run 10K race in Glasgow at the beginning of September. If you had said to me in September 2009, when I first started running, that I'd be doing a 10K race a year later and finishing it, with a decent time, I'd have declared you crazy!  My goal at that point was a 5K in the spring, and I was rather doubtful about that.  But somehow, strangely, I started to enjoy running more and more, I managed the 5K race, and when my friend asked if I wanted to do a 10K with her, I agreed.  I can't really say I enjoyed the actual race in Glasgow - parts of it, yes, but other parts were definitely a challenge - but I felt really good after I finished it :)  So good that I'm now aiming to do a half-marathon in 2011!!

1 comment:

  1. Nice job on finishing your layout Anne;) But seriously, like your layout and the tear edges. This past year I have fallen in love with the distress look.