Saturday, 15 August 2009

Back to School Soon!

Yup, the girls are going back to school this coming Tuesday, and apart from youngest daughter, they are less than enthusiastic. Youngest daughter is excited, because she will be starting "big school" and will be in the same school as her big sisters, have a proper school bag, wear school uniform and all that. She is showing her school shoes off to everybody who might (or might not) want to see them, telling everybody she's got her school hair-cut and so on. I'm looking forward to them all going back and getting into routines again, but I'm probably going to have a few tears in my eyes on Tuesday as well, as my "baby" takes her next big step... Tissues will be at the ready!

A friend requested a few cards made for her friends' children who are starting school, and this is what I did:

They're very similar to cards I did last year, only this time I've used the Sizzix people instead of stamped images, and crayons instead of books. I still think they're quite cute :) I was cursing over the fiddly bits though - I mean, I don't mind cutting out or colouring in fairly intricate detail, but when it comes to tiny pieces of card and glue, my stubby fingers just don't cope and I get rather frustrated ;-) But, the shirts had to have collars, and the tie had to have a hint of tartan, so there we go!

Before I go, here's something I've been pondering: I may not have the world's biggest stash, but I do have a ton of stuff and lots of things never get used. First thing is I'm going to try and have a clear out of things that I'm fairly certain I will never use again. But since I'm not really very good at that, I'll still be left with a lot of stuff. So the idea is to use that stuff and not buy any more. Two exceptions: I'm going to indulge myself in one last Papertrey order and I'm going to keep buying the Stampin' Up! stuff that I need. Other than that: nothing! Which means I'll even have to steer clear of new Christmas papers :( Okay, pondering seems to be over, I'm doing it! Updates on my progress will follow...

Hope you're all having a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a super cute idea!! I wish I had thought to do this;)I just might have to case your card,lol!!

  2. Fabulous school cards, love the sizzix people, so cute! Hope the girls enjoy being back at school!
    I heard about the non-stop rain in Scotland, typical school holiday weather eh? It will probably be a glorious september!
    thanks so much for your lovely welcome back message, I had tears in my eyes! hugs Debx