Monday, 5 November 2007

and CUT! - DCM Challenge

Well, I've tried it now, and handcutting is not for me! Yes, it may make my cards individual, even unique, but I just don't like the results I get. This challenge by the DCM reminded me why I got die-cutting machines in the first place, lol! Here's my effort:

Apart from the pink spotty background paper, all paper bits are handcut with scissors. The scallops were done freehand and then embossed, the flower was stamped on the back and cut out, the leaves were drawn freehand and cut out, too. Even the tag was handcut, but carefully measured first... The greeting was made with a Dymo labeller, ribbon, buttons and papers are from my stash.

I'm pretty late with this again, but it's been a busy old weekend. After I'd spent most nights last week making card after card after card, the Saturday of the craft fairs arrived! My friend and I set up at the first one, then she went away after a couple of hours to the second one. We did okay at both, but it could have been better. As the lady next to me said (a little snippy, I felt): "Well, everybody makes cards these days..." - kinda like it's our own fault... We did have fun, though, and we even signed up to do another one in 4 weeks' time. Gluttons for punishment, methinks.

Saturday night, we went to our friends for a fireworks party, which was great fun! Lots of good food, good company, a couple of glasses of wine, children playing happily, watching fireworks, getting home after midnight.... I couldn't believe it, even my 3-year-old was still going strong at that point! She only started crying because she didn't want to leave! She woke up at her normal time on Sunday and was right as rain. Middle daughter didn't cope so well: she had a long lie on Sunday, but was completely out of sorts for the rest of the day. And then this morning she woke up at 5.45, and now I'm a bit out of sorts!

Tonight (Monday) is the first time I've sat down to make cards since Thursday evening - I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms! But a bit of family time was definitely in order after last week. And my house is needing a touch of TLC as well... Thanks for looking!


  1. Lovely card Anne.

    That woman at the craft fair was a cheeky moo!

  2. Anne, your card is very beautiful !

  3. This card is really more than beautiful...

  4. I'm glad you tried the handcutting, not least so you could share your fab card! Great colours and textures and I think it worked brilliantly!