Sunday, 24 June 2007

Busy week

I can see I'm not going to be the world's most regular blogger, but just now I think part of the reason I've put this 2nd post off is the fact that I'm still a little wary of this blogging-thing and how it all works. Want to keep going though, so I'll try and share a couple of pictures of cards I made this week. One is for one of my oldest daughter's teachers who had her last day on Friday, and the other one is for my middle daughter's friend who had her birthday party today. It was only after I had finished the latter card that MD said her friend's favourite colour was red - just as well!

Didn't really get much more done on the crafting front this week as I seemed to be out and about pretty much every day and by evening had lost all energy and motivation. Roll on the holidays, is all I can say!

I was very pleased, however, to have my (crafty) efforts recognised this week: my youngest daughter's nursery presented me and a few other mums with an award for Enterprise Champion! The Enterprise scheme is designed to gradually build up skills in schoolchildren to help them become employers in their work life rather than employees, but at nursery level, it is mainly the parents who are "enterprising". Our wee group mainly makes cards which are sold in the nursery to boost funds, and I've been involved in this for over two years now. Good fun, and certainly nice to be recognised!

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