Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Crochet with an Appeal

Been crocheting again :)  I was working on my granny squares for a nice big blanket, but after a trawl through blogland and the Attic24 inspired Flickr Group, I could not resist making a wee jar jacket :)  My husband's lip curled, once again, but I was undeterred, and when I presented the finished item,

which is now going to hold my crochet hooks, the lip uncurled, and he had to admit, once again, that it was actually a fun little thing!  Thanks go to Lucy at Attic24, for the inspiration :)

I'm also taking the opportunity to mention an appeal:  Sarah London is organising a granny square drive to make blankets for some of the people affected by the devastating floods in Australia.  If you're handy with a hook and yarn, pop over - you'll find all the info here.  Let's go crochet a rainbow!

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