Sunday, 22 August 2010

Woolly Stuff

I didn't take any papercrafting stuff on holiday this year, instead, I took a crochet hook and several balls of brightly coloured wool!

I'm still very much inspired by Lucy's creations over at Attic24, and ended up making not one, but two squishy, soft, woolly bags, following Lucy's tutorial.

This is bag #1. 

I love the bright, cheery colours, but unfortunately, I forgot to take into account that my yarn was thinner than the one Lucy had been working with, and I didn't add more stitches into the first round, so when this bag lies flat, its bottom is rather more pointy than rounded.  I also got muddled when I started new rounds and new colours, so the back of the bag is looking a bit funny as well.  Eldest daughter called it "wonky", her favourite word at the moment :)  But from the front, with a few things inside the bag, it looks reasonably presentable.

This is bag #2:

My favourite green, I had to go and order another ball!  This bag is a fair bit smaller, but much more perfectly formed, since I learned from my mistakes with bag #1!  It's still very bright and cheery, with its colourful stripes at the top, and I'm really rather pleased with it!  The only question is: what am I going to use these bags for?  Most likely, they're going to carry my woolly works-in-progress, although, unfortunately, crochet hooks (and knitting needles, too) have a nasty habit of poking out between stitches...  Bag #2 might also go on the odd outing to the shops, only filled with items big enough not to poke out.  Of course, I could line both bags with fabric, but I am not exactly on best terms with my sewing machine, and cutting into fabric frightens me, never mind trying to work out a template to use for cutting said fabric to the right shape and size.  So we shall see, I'll let you know if and when I take my bags out on wee trips :)

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I'll have some other crafty project to share very soon.

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  1. your bags are beautiful Anne, so love them both but the green one is my favourite, wish I was so clever! hugs Debx