Monday, 22 February 2010

More Crochet Cloths

Here we are, at the end of two weeks of making dish/wash cloths. My final count is 11 cloths, and I'm really pretty pleased with that :)

I wasn't very adventurous when it came to designs and stitches, but that's okay. I still enjoyed making the cloths, and I enjoyed the fact that they were quick, and I didn't have to think much about what I was doing. Perfect TV crafting :)

Now I've just got to find myself some nice soaps and I've got a few little gifties ready for later in the year. Can't be bad!
Thanks, Mel, for organising this create-a-long, and thanks to everybody who stopped by and commented, it is very much appreciated!


  1. They are gorgeous Anne!

  2. These are lovely, can I ask what stitch you used for the green one?

  3. Very pretty! I crocheted for the very first time as part of Mel's create along. Can I ask you what pattern you used? I'd love to try that one!