Saturday, 13 February 2010

More Cloths!

I had to try out my bargain buy immediately, the warm colours were just irresistible!

I've made two cloths with this pattern so far, it's the Textured Bluebells from Jan Eaton's book "200 crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans". It has a lovely thick texture, and it looks very pretty, too, I think.

I'm working on cloth #5 at the moment, just a simple knitted one, because I wanted to see how the yarn knits up in good old plain stocking stitch. Will post as soon as it's ready :)

Unfortunately, I've not had an awful lot of crafty time the last few days, first the school concert on Wednesday night (brilliant, all the kids did so well, it was such a joy to watch!), then an unexpected visit to the kennel from where we're hoping to get a puppy in a couple of months time (much excitement all round!) and finally yesterday, a long-overdue date with my hubby - a meal, then the cinema. Busy days, but all definitely good :) However, if tomorrow turns out a little quieter, I will not complain!

Thanks for stopping by, I will now go and see what manner of cloths everybody else in the knit-a-long has been making.


  1. Those colours are just gorgeous Anne! so glad that you've had some crafting time!
    and a date with your hubby how lovely! What film did you go to see?

  2. wow, they look fabulous! lovely gorgeous colours. yum x

  3. that yarn worked up beautiful.

  4. they are gorgeous Anne, what a great find! hugs Debx

  5. Beautiful, the colors and the stitch.