Tuesday, 12 January 2010


With hubby working from home lots last week and my craft table needing a major tidy, I ended up giving the study/craftroom a wide berth and got crocheting again. Unfortunately, the cushion cover from last summer is still awaiting completion, but I think you'll agree that the current weather situation did actually call for some hats to be made, while home decor really has no particular season ;-) I started off with a pale green hat for myself, and rather nice it turned out, too! Which then prompted all three girls to put in requests for their own hats. Thankfully, the colours that I'd previously purchased found favour with them, and now they each have their own crochet beanie, adorned with a matching flower! :)

Now I just need to make a flower for mine - I'm starting to think it really needs one :)
I'm really really getting back into crochet big style, and I've just taken delivery of a box of wool, so I can finally make that throw I've been wanting to make since the summer - off to open said box now! Thanks for stopping by, "regular" craft projects to be posted again soon :)


  1. They are so pretty! You are so so talented! x TFS

  2. fabulous hats Anne, just what the girls need with the chilly weather you have been having lately! hugs Debx

  3. OOOh! Anne, you are clever! They are beautiful and so are your gorgeous girls!

  4. Your girls look fab in their new hats, but where the piccy of you?

    Love your calendar project, wish I had the time! Hope to keep in touch. Best wishes ikki x

  5. Oh I love them! You did a great job! How long did it take you?

  6. I really like those hats. I crochet and would love to have that pattern. The little flower is so cute.

    I am happy to find your blog and am now following. I can't wait to see what you crochet next!