Thursday, 31 December 2009


Hi all, I hope everybody had a very happy Christmas and is looking forward to the new year! We've been away to Germany for Christmas with my family, and it was a minor miracle that we even got there! Our flight was at 6.35am on 23 December, and it started snowing about 5.45am... Boarding was started only to be interrupted again and then we spent the next 7 hours waiting for the snow to stop long enough that the runways could be cleared, planes de-iced and prepared for take-off. We finally left at about 1pm - phew! The kids did great, behaved themselves really very well for all those hours with very little entertainment. There was only a little snow left in Germany and it all melted while we were there. We had a lovely time, with lots of visits to and from friends and relatives, playing games and enjoying the odd glass of wine ;-) We came back yesterday, during one of the few snow-less intervals, which again was very lucky. It's still a winter wonderland here, we haven't had anything like this for years (the last deep, lasting snow I remember was in Feb 2001, our first winter outside Edinburgh), everywhere is just covered in white with about a foot of snow on the ground!

Well, the main reason for this post is to let you know about a change to my blogs. I'm no longer a Stampin' Up! demonstrator (various personal reasons), so all SU! related things in the sidebar are gone, and I've also merged my SU! blog with this blog, so there are a number of extra posts on here now. I'll be tidying up over the next wee while and then hope to resume business as usual - well, actually, a bit better than usual, I hope to be crafting lots!!! I know, I say this regularly, but I do mean it! :) My SU! blog will eventually be deleted.

Wish I could leave you with an image of some sort, but haven't got anything handy just now and really need to get off this PC to finish tidying and cleaning - just in case we have a first-foot tonight ;-)

Happy Hogmanay/New Year's Eve and all the best for 2010! See you soon!


  1. Happy New year Anne!
    We had lots of snow here as well, and It is the first time it snowed here befor xmas since I first came here in 2000...
    Glad to read that you will be {trying} to craft more, Love to see your work. Sorry to hear about SU! I am still one but rethinking it myself at the mo...
    Happy New Year! X

  2. Changes can be a very good's hoping all of your changes end up being positive ones for you!! Happy New Year, Anne!


  3. Happy New Year! I can't remember if I told her on Facebook or not.

    Hey, what is Hogmanay?

    That is a long time to wait on the tarmac. I thought 45 minutes was bad, sheez.

    Sorry about the Stampin' Up thing. I noticed that Stampin' Up has disrupted a few demonstrators blogs lately.

  4. so glad you got to Germany eventually, did you fly from Edinburgh? My daughters boyfriend flew out from there on the same day, with similar delays and poor soul ended up stuck in Paris overnight and got here on xmas eve instead of the 23rd!

    Happy New Year hugs debxx

  5. Hi Anne, I'd like to wish you a Happy New Year as well. I hope all the changes that your doing is the right thing for you and that they lead you to a happier place. Catch you on the yahoo site soon.
    Hugs Cindy
    SBS 26