Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Waylayed by Sunshine!

We have had the most gorgeous few days up here in Scotland, beautiful sunshine and temperatures up to 25 degrees! Which meant we were out and about, so even after I got the school fair (where I had a table selling cards) over and done with, no (paper-) crafting was accomplished... Instead there was said school fair, which was a success, a BBQ with neighbours, sprinklers and paddling pools for the kids, and sitting out in the sun just relaxing. Not entirely idly, I hasten to add, I've started crocheting some granny squares.

You know, I suddenly felt the need to make a crochet blanket. But I can't make up my mind what wools to get. I'd like it to be really nice, using a decent quality yarn that won't bobble immediately. But that costs money. Lots of it. I could BUY a blanket for that money. So while I'm making up my mind what to do, I had a rake through all the yarn I've accumulated, dug out these balls of cotton and started crocheting. Eldest daughter saw it and said she wanted something made from those squares. There isn't enough for a blanket, but I think there will be enough for a cushion cover. So that's the plan just now, and once that's finished, I'll have hopefully made up my mind what to do about my blanket :)

Now back to paper crafting, I'm attending a Stampin' Up! field training day in Glasgow on Saturday, and I've still got swap cards to finish. Last minute, as ever... Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I've realized in this country - we must take advantage of the sunshiney days and let everything else wait - because the rain always comes back!

    Lovely crocheting - my 9 year old crochets.

    Have fun at your training day.

  2. Hi Anne,

    I love these colors and boy am I ever jealous that you have the talent to crochet! My mom always tried to teach me when I was younger but I just was never I'm kicking myself because I was so stubborn and never learned!

    I think they'll be perfect for a cushion cover too...FABULOUS...just FABULOUS!


  3. Cute colors. Definately will make a wonderful pillow

  4. oooh my favourite them just about to start a blanket myself after practising on a few cat beds and cushions
    Hows it going so far?

  5. Ohmygosh, I love those! The colours are wonderful!

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