Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Forrays into Jewellery Making

A wee while ago, I was bitten by the bracelet bug :)  Could not stop making bracelets, I think all the girls' friends received bracelets as Christmas presents!  When I found that Shamballa-style bracelets were made with a macramee knot I had learned in the 70's, I was delighted and churned out one friendship bracelet after the other, with the waxed cord I'd bought on a whim some time ago. On my birthday, I treated myself to a few nice, big glass beads and made this:

And then I bought a few sparkly, disco-ball beads, and made this:

The beads are lovely and sparkly, and eldest daughter has already borrowed this bracelet to wear to school, which, considering she is a teenager, is praise indeed :) I've had to order more beads, so the girls can all have their own bracelet...

Finally, a bracelet made not by me, but by youngest daughter (age 7), for her best friend's birthday:

She chose the beads, the colours, and made it all by herself (I just helped with the sliding knot closure) - I was very impressed!! :)

So much for today, a different craft coming next time.  Thanks for looking!

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  1. Anne!! Love the bracelets!! Love the disco beads! Does look like the real thing! The bracelet your daughter made is adorable! I have such a hard time doing a closure knot. I look at the video over and over. Good Job!!