Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Hello, I'm back for a couple of quick posts!  It's been busy busy round here, I had signed up for a number of craft fairs, and that, in addition to the usual Christmas preparations, left little time for anything else.  I also spent an impromptu weekend in Germany with my parents - my dad had had an unexpected hospital stay in October and I just wanted to make sure that everybody and everything was going alright (which it was!).

So, above are some pictures of bracelets I made with my pretty new beads (click on the mosaic to see a bigger image).  The friendship bracelets have been quite popular with my girls and their friends, while the wrap ones are really only popular with me... Unfortunately, none of them sold at the craft fairs.  Not entirely sure why, can only assume that they weren't right for the current party season, and people were looking for something more sparkly.  However, not to worry, I have now got a selection of ready-made Christmas gifts ;-)  And I had fun making them.

Right, post with a small selection of Christmas cards to follow, thanks for stopping by!

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