Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Woolly WIP's

As promised, here's a wee peek at my current yarn WIP's.  I say "yarn" because, when I was getting out my crochet projects to photograph, I came across a knitting project, too, that I had almost forgotten about...  I am not going to start anything new until all my current projects are completed, promise!!

This is what I'm working on at the moment: some fresh and bright cushion covers for the living room, as my current cushions are anything but fresh and bright ;-)  The top two pictures are cushion #1 which I finished last week.  At the bottom is cushion #2, with the front panel well under way.  I'm joining as I go for the first time and it's working out quite nicely :)  I've got two more cushion pads to cover after this one, but I might start working on the matching blankie first.

Below are some squares for my autumn/winter blanket which I've been working on for SOME time...  I have abandoned it for the moment in favour of the brighter colours, I'm just not in the mood for warm and autumnal any more.

And this is the pile of all the squares that I've completed so far.  I'm just over half way there as far as the squares go, but as you can no doubt see, the ends still need to be weaved in and then there's the small matter of joining all the squares.  Maybe it'll be ready for Christmas this year...

And lastly, here's my knitting project:

It's a scarf following the same pattern as this one, only using DK yarn this time, making it less bulky and therefore suitable for eldest daughter's dainty frame ;-)

So there you go, a wee update on non-papery crafts going on here.  I've also got a card and a layout to share, but that'll have to wait till another time.  Thanks for stopping by :)

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  1. wow you have been busy, they are all gorgeous! I don't do so well with yarn, my crochet has been a bit of a non-starter!
    Happy Crafting, Debxx