Thursday, 13 May 2010

Long Time No See

The above picture will explain at least a little why I haven't been around lately - we got a puppy!! Hubby and girls have been desperate for one for ages, and they finally managed to convince me that it would be a good idea... His name is Oscar and he's a lovely, cuddly little thing who has come on in leaps and bounds since we brought him home nearly 4 weeks ago. But it's been - and still is - hard work, with little time or the necessary calm to do much else. So crafting is taking a back seat, although I'm just starting to sneak a few minutes here or there :)

The cards below were made for my neighbour whose niece just made her first communion on Sunday. I used a real mix of supplies, from Sizzix cross die to Stampin' Up! cardstock, inks and alphabet stamps, to Papertrey background stamps. But I'm pleased with the results, and apparently the cards were very well received :)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope it won't be quite so long before I update again - surely puppies will get easier to look after with time ;-)


  1. I almost forgot. I LOVE the cards!!!

  2. We got a dog about 2 months or so ago. She is finally potty trained, but I didn't expect the crazy things she would do when I was not home. She has goten into so much I never dreamed she would get into. I have now gone through 3 sets of blinds too! Good Luck with your little one! I wish you all the best!

  3. aww he is a cutie, yes they can be a handful. I found it best to carry on with life as normal as possible otherwise they will always expect you to be at their beck and call. Soon he will be at your feet while you craft!

    your cards are so sweet, nice to see you back!

  4. how cute is your little puppy. my fam want a puppy but i'm not game enough just yet. and what a lovely card, good stuff. x

  5. aww cute dog! Lovely card as well hehe, love that pink!
    P.S. Please come check out my new challenge blog! The first challenge starts Sunday, May 23rd. I hope to see you there! xo Kelli