Sunday, 26 October 2008

Cards for Craft Fair

Oh dear, I've gone a long time between postings again - the kids have been on midterm break this last week, and hubby took the week off as well, so we were out and about a fair bit and we also celebrated eldest daughter's 10th birthday! I can't believe she's in double digits, seems like yesterday she started school! Incredibly, for her, that's half a lifetime ago!!! Anyway, we had a nice week and made the most of the horrific weather, with a good long walk through a lovely country park during a dry spell, a trip to an aircraft museum including a visit to the legendary Concorde, and a visit to Deep Sea World (which the two younger ones enjoyed immensely, and the older one, who'd been on at us to go, found pretty boring in the end... Well, I guess you can't please everybody). I did get some crafting time, but again, no blogging time. So here's what I've been making for an upcoming local craft fair:




Hope people will be in a buying mood... Last year wasn't too great, so I'm branching out this year, offering not just cards. We'll just have to wait and see! I'm hoping to use some of my new goodies, too, that I bought at Hobbycrafts in Glasgow yesterday - had a fab time looking at lots of lovely stash!

Well, so much for now, got to go and pick up youngest daughter from a party and eldest daughter from the stables. Be sure to hop on over to my stamping blog, though, I'll be posting a couple new samples there, too. Thanks for looking!


  1. sounds like you had a great half term, I can't believe it is almost over! all your cards are gorgeous, you used all my favourite images and those notebooks are fabulous, I am sure you will sell loads!

  2. Very nice cards. Good luck at the fair. My children are on 1/2 term this week - oh boy! I'm going to have to find things for them to do. My daughter just turned 9 on the 23rd. I'm afraid to blink for fear that she'll be 18 next! Crazy thought. Well have a good day!

  3. WOW! You've been very busy! I so wish I could get more accomplished when I sit down to create but it seems to take me hours just to come up with and complete one silly card! Good grief! Maybe one day I'll have a better system!

    I remember when my daughter turned 10. She was so excited that she was finally in double digits. In fact, it was such a huge deal for her I ended up making her an entire scrapbook of her entire year of being 10. She loved it! Now, she's almost 17, driving, dating, and trying to decide what college to attend after graduation. YIKES!


  4. Good luck with the craft fair - I'm sure people will want to buy your lovely cards! I'm doing my first one in a few weeks - bit nervous! Kate x

  5. Nice Cards! I just joined Sisterhood 26. Hope I am not to late.

  6. Great cards, you should do well at the Craft fair. I don't know much about SU, so look forward to seeing more of your designs. Ikki

  7. Such CUTE cards -- Love the images -- they are adorable!

    I'm Kathryn -- I just joined Sisterhood #26 -- I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone! :)